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Working for the Nazko First Nation

Economic and Business Development Arm of Nazko First Nation 

Welcome to NEDC

Nazko Economic Development Corporation (NEDC), working for the Nazko First Nation through Chief and Council, facilitates the creation of wealth for the Nation by preparing and implementing the economic development strategy with the primary focus of identifying, developing and managing viable businesses consistent with Nazko First Nation values. 


Partnerships in new industries, like mining, highways, pipelines, and hydro, strategically position Nazko for growth, provide ongoing employment and revenue for NEDC, and ultimately increase benefits for the members of Nazko First Nation.

Nazko Logging Limited
Nazko Logging Limited
Three Nations Store & Lodge
Nazko Logging Limited


Practice fairness and equity

Lead with honesty, integrity, and transparency

Stay open-minded and optimistic

Be proactive

Respect people, partners, the land, environment, and culture

Nazko Economic Development Corporation  Businesses

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Nazko Logging Limited Partnership

Nazko Logging Limited Partnership is a company that specializes in tree-clearing, trail upgrade projects, road deactivation projects and other road construction projects.

Nazko Logging Limited
Nazko Silviculture Limited Liability Partnership

Nazko Silviculture Limited Liability Partnership aims to mitigate the risk of wildfires by offering services such as tree assessment, surveys, and wildfire risk reduction.

Nazko Silviculture Limited
Three Nations Store and Lodge Limited Liability Partnership
Our Store facility includes a gas station, restaurant, and rustic accommodations for travellers.
Three Nations Store & Lodge
Nazko-DWB Limited Partnership

Dynamic, multidisciplinary consulting firm specializing in value-added Engineering, Environmental and Forestry services. 

Nazko DWB Limited



P.O. Box 4550, Quesnel, BC V2J 2M0

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