Nazko Economic Development Corporation (NEDC) is responsible for overseeing the economic growth and business initiatives of the Nazko First Nation. NEDC manages various businesses such as Nazko Silviculture LLP, Nazko Logging LP, and Three Nations Store and Lodge LLP in Nazko, BC. Additionally, NEDC has formed partnerships with companies like Nazko-DWB Limited Partnership. The Nazko First Nation has also established a cooperation agreement with the Blackwater Gold Project, which will bring forth economic opportunities managed by NEDC.

NEDC History and Responsibilities

NEDC was founded on March 23, 2011, with the primary goal of creating a clear distinction between government operations and business activities. This separation enables the Chief and Council to focus on governance matters while benefiting from the guidance and expertise of a dedicated Board to ensure the success of business ventures.

The current NEDC Board, which has been active since April 2022, consists of six members who undergo training as required to fulfill their roles effectively. Their responsibilities encompass strategic planning, financial planning, policy development, financial monitoring and control, as well as overseeing program activities to drive the organization toward its objectives.

The board’s duties encompass setting the NEDC vision, mission, and values, offering input on long-term plans, outlining strategies and timelines for goal achievement, guaranteeing enduring financial stability and robustness by backing the creation and upkeep of revenue sources, recruiting individuals with essential leadership and management skills for the future, sanctioning yearly budgets, evaluating operational and financial outcomes, conducting audits to ensure compliance with internal and external standards, and assessing performance vis-à-vis objectives.

By upholding these duties and responsibilities, the NEDC Board plays a crucial role in steering the organization toward sustainable growth and success. Through their collective expertise and commitment, they contribute to the overall development and prosperity of the business ventures under their guidance, ultimately benefiting the community as a whole.

Our Mission

Serving the people of Chuntezni’ai, Besikoh, and Bunchek, NEDC will lead economic development and wealth creation for the Nazko First Nation, building infrastructure, providing revenue sharing, training, education, employment, and continuing to seek diverse business opportunities for the community and an optimistic future for all.

Our Vision

To provide a consistent and selfreliant financial foundation for the Nazko First Nation that creates a healthy, sustainable, and proud future.

Our Values

Practice fairness and equity

Lead with honesty, integrity, and transparency

Stay open-minded and optimistic

Be proactive

Respect people, partners, the land, environment, and culture



P.O. Box 4550, Quesnel, BC V2J 2M0

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