The 4th Annual Tree Planting Celebration was recently organized by the Nazko First Nation. As a member of WPAC, PacBio generously contributed 400 seedlings for the event, benefiting both Nazko members and their partners. If you are interested, a brief video capturing the essence of the celebration is available for you to watch below.

In 2018, the Nazko First Nation initiated their inaugural Tree Planting Celebration, which held significant importance as it followed the destructive wildfires that ravaged numerous regions of the province in 2017. The vicinity of Nazko, situated west of Quesnel, British Columbia, witnessed the merging of three separate large wildfires, resulting in a colossal fire incident. The annual celebration serves as a platform for the Nation to inspire its members by showcasing the natural regeneration occurring in the areas affected by the wildfires. Additionally, it aims to highlight the advantages of reforestation through the utilization of diverse tree species.