Strategic and Working Partnerships

NEDC contracts directly with major forest licensees and government to deliver silviculture and logging related services through working partnerships with Blue Collar Silviculture and ROGA Contracting Ltd.

NEDC has formed other strategic partnerships to deliver services in a diversity of industries, offering marketing services to partners wishing to compete for contracts in mining, energy, and power.

Nazko First Nation has signed a cooperation agreement with the Blackwater Gold Project, with economic opportunities to be entered into through the NEDC. Other major projects include Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure Cariboo Road Recovery Projects, Enbridge pipeline Sunrise Expansion Program, and BC Hydro Prince George to Glenannan Transmission Project.

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Marwest Utility Services partnership
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Blue Collar Silviculture Partnership
Roga Contracting Partnership
D7 Mechanical
Cutting Edge Consulting Inc

Established in 1983, Blue Collar Silviculture Ltd. offers top-notch silviculture services across BC and Alberta. Our experienced ownership group and management team are equipped to handle projects of any size. While tree planting is our primary focus, our skilled staff can also tackle various other silviculture operations. At Blue Collar, we strive to surpass client expectations in quality and productivity. We are dedicated to creating a safe and supportive work environment for our employees to achieve their financial and personal objectives during the work season. Our reputation is founded on hard work, efficiency, and rewarding workdays filled with delicious food and camaraderie.

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ROGA Contracting Ltd. operates in the forestry and civil construction industries.

ROGA Contracting Ltd. is the hub for ROGA Group activities. While each company in the ROGA Group owns equipment and has its own employees, ROGA Contracting is the company backstopping these entities with working capital, excess equipment needs, excess employment needs, and management expertise.

ROGA Contracting itself is 100% indigenous owned by Troy Young. ROGA Contracting’s management team coordinates activities for the entire ROGA Group while also performing on ROGA Contracting’s own replaceable harvesting contracts and construction projects.

Orica was founded in 1874 as a supplier of explosives to the Victorian gold fields in Australia. Since then, we have grown to become one of the world’s leading mining and infrastructure solutions providers. 

 From the production and supply of explosives, blasting systems, mining chemicals and geotechnical monitoring to our cutting-edge digital solutions and comprehensive range of services, we sustainably mobilize the earth’s resources. 

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quadra partnership

Quadra is the largest Canadian-owned chemical distributor and trusted partner providing chemical solutions from mining, to milling to market. We secure your preferred reagents from our world-class manufacturing partners to supply the most remote and challenging environments, complemented by onsite technical services to instill confidence and peace of mind. We are committed to delivering exceptional value to our customers and partners, with a focus on Indigenous inclusion, sustainability and enriching the communities where we operate.

norwest partnership

Leaders in Reliable, Safe & Efficient Solutions

NorWest Vac & Environmental offers support solutions within the mining, oil & gas and commercial sectors for airvac and hydrovac excavation, vacuum truck services, hazardous waste hauling, industrial support and more from a highly specialized and diversified team.

rohde partnership

Kyah Rohde & Liesenfeld offers a comprehensive transportation & logistics services offering to companies working on the B.C. west coast to develop projects, including LNG Projects, Pipelines, Mining, Wind Energy, Hydro Power, Transmission Lines, Infrastructure, Oil & Gas, pulp & paper and many other industries linked to the development of natural resources in B.C.

D7 Mechanical specializes in the installation and maintenance of comprehensive piping systems including underground fire mains, pressure piping, process piping, fire protection, fire protection engineering and much more.

D7 Mechanical is a TSBC class A contractor. 

quadra partnership

CEC is a dynamic industrial construction and crane company providing services in BC, Alberta, and Yukon. CEC is local to Kamloops and Prince George, whose owners have 45 years of combined expertise. CEC’s commitment to productivity, social responsibility, and cutting-edge technology ensures client satisfaction and peace of mind. We specialize in mobile crane services, as well as general contracting, bridge builds and rehabs, pile driving, and CWB welding/fabrication.  As a rapidly growing business, CEC consistently sets and elevates industry standards through its Four Pillars: INTEGRITY, CULTURE, QUALITY, and SAFETY.



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